Uniform Policy

Posted by Sunrise Little League on Mar 25 2016 at 07:14PM PDT

Good evening Sunrise,

A few questions were brought to the board regarding the Little League uniform policy. The questions asked addressed whether players can alter their league issued jerseys by adding their name on the back and what hats players are permitted to wear during games. District 8 just recently addressed this topic at their monthly president’s meeting and District 8 administrators attended our Sunrise monthly board meeting to help further clarify.

Here are a few highlights as per Little League Rules:
• Uniforms are league property until end of the season, at which point the league may give the jerseys to the players or collect them back.
• Little League recommends that names are not put on the back of the jerseys for child protection safety purposes.
• The intent of Little League is to ensure that all players are treated equitably and provided the same uniforms/hats regardless of socioeconomic background.
• Little League recommends t-shirts for Minor and T-ball divisions.
• Once a child gets drafted to the Major division, they become property players and at this time some leagues opt to put the names on the back.
• Spirit wear purchased from anywhere other than the league may not contain the Sunrise name/logo or any Little League name/logo as they are trademarked and only granted thru a local charter. However, you can purchase items with your team name independently without Little League or Sunrise names/trademarks.

On our Sunrise fields, you may notice some players wearing embroidered hats or jerseys that were altered with names after the league issued them. To be clear, this is against Little League Rules. Our goal at Sunrise is to follow the rules to the best of our ability so that we can focus on our mission and can firmly implant the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, courage and respect for authority. We realize that some families unknowingly may have already spent money adding a name or getting a hat and at this time, we don’t want to penalize the players for that decision. For the remainder of the 2016 season, there will be no penalties.

We value the commitment you make to your players and to Sunrise Little League and know that going forward you will help us to uphold the rules set before us.
Thank you for your support.
The 2016 Sunrise Little League Board